Jan 24

Productivity apps have come into full swing now that more people use smartphones. These allow us to be more productive in work and in play. Unfortunately many of the new smartphones don't come with these basic apps already installed, and finding the best apps can be difficult because there are so many in the app store. To rev up your smartphone you can use a few of these top 10 productivity special apps.


  1. The Swizzle

The problem with email on smartphones is that it's cluttered with promotions that you just haven't gotten around to unsubscribing from. Swizzleshows you a list of all the newsletters, promotions and offers it finds. Then you can choose to unsubscribe or bundle them into a daily or weekly swizzle digest. Organizing your email according to watch want and what you don't want can save you hours of time.

  1. Any.do

productivity app that's been around for a few years but still gets many fans especially for its moment daily planner which helps you schedule tasks into your routine.

  1. Asana

More than just the to do list, Asana allows team members to collaborate, schedule and assign costs across projects.

  1. iA Writer

If you ever wanted to be able to write on your smartphone this is the app for you. iA writer strips everything out so you can just focus on the writing. No compulsive editing while writing.

  1. Timeful iPhone App

This is a wonderful outfit helps you find the time to do the things you want to do, without overriding the things you have to do it interface is clear, but best of all is that the more you use it the better it gets determining when you are most likely to do a task.

  1. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout

There are a lot of apps out there but this is one of my favorites for its efficiency. It is available on both iOS and the android and it's a free app that helps you break a quick sweat with an intensity level is right for you. Long workouts are certainly available but this is great for the person is always working.

  1. EasilyDo

It's hard to describe the exact functionality of this out because it does little bit of everything. And asking people to your address book, it posts happy birthday on your Facebook pages on the right day; it automatically sends a text message to your colleagues when you work late and tells you where your packages are from the point they are shipped. At $49.99 per year, this is like carrying a mobile secretary with you.

  1. Pocket

One of those apps that is essential as it allows you to keep track of all the articles you want to read when you're off-line.

  1. VSCO Cam

Turn your boring snapshots into arty photographs with this app. Then post them to your twitter, Facebook or Insta gram.

  1. Check

Keep track of all your bills, when there do and monitor your bank and credit card accounts.

written by mangoorange

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